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LA Vinyl Fencing is the market leader in the production of 100% vinyl fencing in Los Angeles. The surrounded are perfect for residential applications, on farms and ranches. Our products are exempt from traditional maintenance and it is not necessary to sand them or paint them again and again. We offers quality, reliability and effective response to the requirements of the market.

The grating, fences vinyl don’t need traditional maintenance (do not sand or paint again!) and are guaranteed never to rot, peel, fade or corrode nibbling. With over 35 styles of fence to your choice, there’s always a perfect option for your needs.

Modern design, durability and low maintenance.

Vinyl fences are fences that provide security and elegant styles that enhance the appearance of your property.


Benefits of Vinyl Fencing

  • Easy to install.
  • Maintenance-free.
  • Resistant to moisture and termites.
  • No Painting or varnish
  • No Decaying
  • No Yellowing
  • No Splintering
  • No Cracking
  • No Warping
  • No corrode,
  • No rust

If you live in an area where dry rot or termites are a problem, vinyl fencing may be just what you need. The style of these vinyl fences create beauty and offer low maintenance. They are ideal of homes, playgrounds, to surround your pool and even in parking lots. The tongue and groove styles combine beauty with privacy and security.

We offer the latest in beauty, durability and competitive prices. Eliminate the need for treatments with chemicals from cleaning and conservation. In addition, our vinyl siding does not squeak when walking on them. The color is uniform, without the need of sealing with chemicals, making it safe for children and pets.

Superiority is impressive. The vinyl is completely superior to all conventional materials for fences. It is economical and maintenance-free. After exhaustive laboratory and testing field in rural and residential properties in the United States, satisfied customers confirm aspects of economy and durability that we emphasize.

Our customers get the best guarantee on the market.

made--in-usa2Los Angeles Vinyl Fencing also offers many optional components to enhance the beauty of your new fence. These include lattice tops, scallop tops and banister tops. These customized tops can help suit the needs of your property and enhance the beauty of your property.

Just think about having the white picket fence you’ve always dreamed about. Now think about that fence without the worry and maintenance that goes with the old fashioned picket fence and you’ve got the vinyl fence of your dreams. Top your picket fence off with inverted scallops, add an arbor gate or other embellishment to offer a special flair that is distinctly your style.

For those with pools or with decorative gardens that need protection, these white decorative fences are the perfect option for you. Wrought iron simply won’t stand up more than a year because of rust, while white vinyl fencing enhances the beauty of your yard and showcases your pool or garden.

Colors Available

Our Vinyl Fencing in Los Angeles is beautiful and adds to the value of your property. Available in a rainbow of colors, it’s the perfect solution for your fencing needs. At A-1 we don’t believe in running to a local hardware store, instead we carry Kroy and Duramax Vinyl Fencing which is constructed of the highest quality materials.

We are pleased to offer you the ability to see samples of this high quality vinyl material before you make your decision.

2Vinyl Fences

If you’re looking for maintenance-free durability, strength and beauty, vinyl fencing offers an outstanding choice. Most manufacturers provide extended warranties of 20 years or more and vinyl fencing seldom needs repairs. A variety of color and texture options will help blend in the fence to your architectural style.

From picket to lattice styles, for privacy, pool areas, or horse paddocks, we offer a low-maintenance, long-lasting vinyl fence option to suit your every need.

No maintenance is necessary. The vinyl is impervious to damage from moisture, extreme temperatures, exposure to ultraviolet rays and wear and discoloration by the action of time. Never need to throw, change or paint the fence again, unlike all the fences of wood, metal or PVC imitation. The day you install your fence of real estate in the country, he says goodbye to the traditional maintenance of fences.

A beautiful fence around your property can be seen in many ways. You can provide privacy to your backyard or prevent the entry of unwanted pool visitors. Perhaps if you want a scenario worthy of beautiful flower gardens.

Vinyl Fence Materials

We purchase and install commercial grade vinyl fence materials competitively from a variety of reputable suppliers. We do not purchase retail store vinyl materials – instead, we choose to offer upgraded materials with extended warranties that are more in line with the investment you are making.

PVC is an inert material that does not release contaminants into the ground or in the air. Fumes from the paint applied on wood fences pollute the air also. Less fossil fuel is required to produce and install the service.

When the recycling of plastic materials is intelligent, there is a wonderful contribution to the society. There are many disposables or semi-permanent properly using recycled materials.